Oualichi Technical Director, Mr Matthew Horton, President of Oualichi, Ms Dagmar Daal, MAC afternoon school program coordinator, Ms Juliana Hodge, and MAC Head Coach of the U13 team: Mr Derek Spence, together with the u13 team of MAC.


Cay Hill, Sint Maarten —  the Oualichi Soccer Association (‘Oualichi’) has, in an effort to further contribute to the development of the youth football in Sint Maarten, partnered with the MAC School (MAC).  Oualichi will be contributing to the After-School program of MAC, which includes the sport of football.

President of Oualichi, Dagmar Daal: ‘Oualichi has committed to providing MAC the support they need to develop their football program. Our club will be assisting MAC with coaches, workshops and other tools which are necessary to make sure that the MAC students not only achieve their athletic goals but for them to, most importantly, have fun while playing the sport.

At the same time, the MAC youth now form part of the Youth Academy of Oualichi. Both Oualichi and the afternoon school program coordinator, Ms Juliana Hodge, are very happy with how this partnership is turning out to be and we look forward to a sportive school year ahead”.

Parents of MAC students who wish for them to join the afternoon school program can contact Ms Juliana Hodge via MAC’s office.

MAC/Oualichi practice days are:

Tuesdays from   16:00-17:00        ( 4-9 years old)

Thursdays from 16:00- 17:00       (10-13 years old)

More information can be found via the afternoon school program coordinator or on the Oualichi Facebook Page: Oualichi Soccer Association for practice days of other age categories.