As the New Academic year 2018-2019 begins on Monday



August 13th the Police Force of Sint Maarten is extending the following words of encouragement to all students, parents/guardians and teachers;

The Academic year of 2017-2018 was a very challenging one for everyone. During this period a number of serious physical confrontations among students took places which were later place on Social Media. These confrontations were at times so serious that students had to be treated for their injuries and even hospitalized.

These are criminal offenses and the police department will not tolerate this type of behavior. It is unacceptable and the police department will deal with this type of negative behavior and handle all situations in accordance with the law.

The police department is looking forward to work hand in hand with all parents/guardians and teachers to guarantee the safety and security for all students, create an environment of learning and to make sure these incidents do not happen in this new academic year.

*A good beginning makes a big difference. Make sure you begin this academic year with new hopes and positive mindset to make a brighter chapter in your school life full of knowledge and learning.

*We all know that life is full of challenges and challenges are full of opportunities to learn… Never get scared from challenges and always welcome the chances to learn new things in life in order to grow and prosper.

* May students understand learning that isn’t just an in-class exercise, but that it requires initiative and effort outside the classroom.

* May parents and guardians understand that learning continues at home and look for ways to assist in, encourage and nurture an atmosphere of both knowledge and wisdom for their student children.

* May parents and teachers find ways to bridge communication gaps to not only share information but to listen as well.

Wishing you all the very best in this new academic year.