Container with Dutch Marine tags based in St. Maarten mysteriously breached

Container on on the port in Holland back in May 2018


Tens of kilos of drugs were found at Doorn, Marine Corps based

POINTE BLANCHE, Sint Maarten – In May 2018, reliable information reaching 721news confirmed that a container that left St. Maarten at the end of April or early May was opened in a mysterious way and something was removed.

A reliable source in Holland told 721news that the container has something to do with the Marine base in St. Maarten; and that the contents belonged to a Marine officer and other items related to their work in St. Maarten. When we contacted the Prosecutor’s Office, they told us in May that is not true, because they investigated the reports and were not aware of any such claims.

721news also contacted the Dutch Marine spokesperson in Curaçao, who also did an investigation in St. Maarten and the response was the same as the Prosecutor. What both parties do not know is that 721news has hard evidence that they were notified of this problem, but chose to tell our newsroom that this information is not true.

In the interest of the public, and as responsible media 721news has remained quiet on this issue until now, because another shipment of drugs was discovered on the Royal Marine compound in Holland. reports 16 bags full of possible cocaine was found and they came from Sint Maarten.

VIDEO OF THE 16 bags of cocaine:

Below is the news story of NOS.NL:

Tens of kilos of drugs were found at Doorn, Marine Corps based

In a metal container on the site of the Van Braam Houckgeest barracks in Doorn, navy personnel found 16 sport bags full of drugs on Monday, July 16, in the afternoon. It involves dozens of kilos, reports a spokesperson for the Marechaussee.

It seems to be cocaine, reports the Marechaussee on Twitter. The drugs were sent to the Dutch Forensic Institute for further investigation. There it must be definitively determined whether it is really cocaine.

St. Maarten

Soldiers who had been on St. Maarten for support after Hurricane Irma found the drugs in the container that came from the island yesterday, a defense spokesman confirms. The soldiers say they know nothing.

A video of the find has surfaced on the Dumpert website. The Marechaussee confirms that the images are from the drugs capture.