New patient monitoring for the SMMC the Pediatric ward

Director of AFAS Caribbean Pim Steinmeijer, Assistant Supervisor Pediatric ward Ariene Tearr, Facility Manager Erika Van der Horst and Medical Director Dr. Felix Holiday.


CAYHILL – The St Maarten medical center Pediatric ward has received new patient monitoring devices. The provision of the devices was made possible by the generosity of the AFAS Foundation. The AFAS Foundation is part of AFAS, a company based in the Netherlands specialized in software development for different industries. AFAS Foundation supports projects within healthcare, education and society around the world by provision of necessary funding.

The foundation provided the SMMC with 12 devices, both mobile and wall mounted. The new patient monitoring equipment was distributed by the Andar International, a Caribbean provider of world-class medical products and services. An Andar representative technician was on hand for the device set-up and software training of the pediatric staff. Mr. Pim Steinmeijer, director of AFAS Caribbean, visited the hospital and was able to observe the monitors in use within the Pediatric ward.

Up-to-date patient monitoring is vital when working in a pediatric environment as children, with their smaller and more fragile frames require accurate monitoring. The new devices provide improved monitoring capabilities for the pediatric ward staff and its patients. In addition, the advanced software capabilities of the new devices provide more functions and vivid imagery. The devices, which are made by Japanese manufacturer, Nihon Khon are equipped with the newest monitoring software. The monitoring software is said to be able to improve patient safety and outcome by better helping to identify deteriorating condition earlier. This can help with clinical intervention.

The St. Maarten Medical Center is very appreciative to the AFAS Foundation for their generous donation. The addition of new equipment in the pediatric ward is part of SMMCs continued commitment to provide better health care close to home.