POLICE UPDATE: Serrant family house in Dutch Quarter completely destroy by fire



Family home totally destroyed by fire.

Dutch Quarter, Sint Maarten — On Thursday April 26th at approximately 11.25 a.m. police patrols, Fire Department and Detectives were sent to the home of the Serrant family located on A. Th. Illidge road where a fire was reported.

On the scene the investigating officers diverted traffic in order for the Fire department to put the blaze out. The officers also learnt that a young boy living at the home was in one of the bedrooms working on a school project which required the use of matches.

He also stated that the a mattress accidental caught fire.

The fire was put out by the fire department however everything in the home was destroyed. No one was injured during this fire.

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This is the live image of the house on fire it was stream by 721news team.