POLICE: Traffic improvement measures



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The Police Department in consultation with the Ministry of VROMI and Independent Consulting Engineers N.V. is making the following know to the public. In connection with the ongoing project of the Point Blanche-Sundial Utility Trench the following traffic measures will be taken.

As of the night on April 3rd 2018 measures;

  1. To create space for traffic in both directions at the open trench in front of the Fairway Supermarket a part of the planters between the parking spots on the western side of the road will be temporarily removed.
  2. The anti-parking pyramids located on the Buncamper road up to Freedom Fighter round about will be temporarily removed to create space for traffic in both directions.
  3. On the night of April 5th 2018 the top layer of asphalt road surface will be installed on the trench until the boatyard (Bobby’s Marina) including the road crossing.

All drivers of motor vehicles are hereby informed that parking in the areas indicated will not be allowed during the period that the project is ongoing.

All drivers should take keen note of this information. They should also exercise caution when driving in these areas and give all cooperation necessary to allow a free flow of traffic.