Sint Maarten South Leo Club Movie Night



SUCKERGARDEN, Sint Maarten — On Sunday February 18th 2018 the St. Maarten South Leo Club hosted 18 kids and 7 moms for a fun and relaxing day dedicated to them. These kids and their families lost their homes during the passing of hurricanes Irma and Maria and have been taking shelter ever since.

In November 2017 club members met with Mrs. Chantale Groeneveldt to discuss the current and near future situation of these kids and the rest of their families. After meeting some of the kids and parents, the Leo Club decided to provide these kids with some good old fashioned fun and entertainment. Especially now when the recreational activity possibilities for kids are at an all-time low.

With the help of Mr. Marlon van Putten, transportation was provided to the Lions Civic Center on Suckergarden road which served as our venue for the evening. Upon arrival the kids were met with music and face painting. Thanks to our friends at Funtopia we were able to provide face painting throughout the entire evening.

After some music and dancing, and the face painting was in full swing, pizza was served with some help from our friends over at Domino’s Pizza while the kids enjoyed the movie. The kids received goody bags towards the end of the fun-filled evening compliments of Mrs. Caroline Webster-Peterson.

We would like to extend great appreciation and thanks to Chantale Groeneveldt. Without her help we would not have been able to organize this event as smoothly as we did.