Minister of Tourism De Weever calls on nation to act environmentally responsible this holiday weekend

Cornelius de Weever, Minister of Justice and Acting Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation and Telecommunications


POND ISLAND – Acting Minister of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transportation and Telecommunications (Ministry TEATT) Cornelius de Weever, joins with the St. Maarten Nature Foundation in calling on the populace to be very cognizant for the upcoming long Easter-holiday weekend to keep the country’s environment especially the beaches and surroundings clean.

The Nature Foundation earlier this week called on the nation to act responsibly in terms of garbage disposal and cleaning up after themselves during the Easter holidays.

Hundreds will be heading to the nation’s 37-beaches to spend time with family and friends and celebrate the Easter holidays.

“The beaches are ours and we need to protect them as well as the surrounding waters.  Please do not leave your trash behind on the beach which then litters our land and sea and negatively impacts land and sea life.

“As you prepare your meals for the beach, also prepare to clean-up afterwards the plastic plates, cups, napkins, utensils etc. We have a responsibility towards our environment.  Parents and guardians also have a responsibility to teach their children to keep the environment clean, and not litter.

“Our beaches are also very important for our national tourism-oriented economy.  Stay-over as well cruise passenger visitors go to our beaches on a daily basis.  We do not want them to leave our country with a bad experience.  A dirty beach impacts our livelihood and spreads bad news that our beaches are uncleanly if one or more has such experiences.

“Again, we all have a responsibility including our visitors, to keep our beaches and surrounding seas clean.  They are our natural resources. Teach your children not to litter and the importance of keeping our environment clean. Happy Easter holidays to the people of Sint Maarten/St. Martin and to our visitors,” Acting Minister of Tourism Cornelius de Weever said on Wednesday.