Governor Holiday requests Mr. Theo Heyliger to form government



Harbour View – On March 16, 2018, the Governor of Sint Maarten, His Excellency drs. E.B. Holiday, requested Mr. Theo Heyliger to form a government as formateur.

The Governor met on March 12 and 13, 2018 with the leaders of the political parties that are elected into Parliament, (the United Democrats, the National Alliance, the United St. Maarten Peoples Party and the Sint Maarten Christian Party). During these meetings the Governor consulted the party leaders about the advice given by the informateurs Mrs. Dr. R.D.A. Arduin and Mr. J.J. Beaujon. The Governor emphasized the importance of unity and working together in the interest of the people of Sint Maarten. The formateur was requested to use the report of the informateurs as the basis for the further formation process.

Based on the consultations the Governor requested Mr. Theo Heyliger to form a government supported by as broad a majority in Parliament as possible to foster political stability. A government that consists of ministers who are committed to the promotion of the well-being of the people of Sint Maarten and who are dedicated to the reconstruction of our country.

In addition, the Governor requested the formateur to form a government that will commit itself to a governing program focused on a sustainable social, economic and financial reconstruction of Sint Maarten, with an emphasis on the critical infrastructure, the tourist sector, the social infrastructure, law enforcement and the public finances. With regard to the governing program specific attention was also asked for cooperation with the Netherlands, the World Bank and the social and economic partners, for the need to take the urgent steps to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season and for measures to find a sustainable solution for the landfill and waste management on Sint Maarten.

The formateur was asked to present a governing program with his final report.

The Governor further emphasized the importance of the strict observance of the regulatory requirements including the screening criteria, applicable to the appointment for candidate-ministers.

The formateur took the commission into consideration and will inform the Governor regularly during the formation process. The Governor requested Mr. Theo Heyliger to present him the final report of the formation process as soon as possible.