PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — NV GEBE announced today via press release that they will be commencing its Senior Citizens temporarily relief 62+ program.  The program will be geared towards certain eligible Senior Citizens and will aim to reduce the electricity costs for those individuals that qualify for this program.  Senior Citizens eligible for this program must apply and meet certain criteria in order to qualify, the company noted that even the seniors who qualified for the relief in 2017 must reapply.

The relief granted will be in the form of a monthly fixed amount to be deducted from the electricity invoice.   Applications will be available as of Monday, February 19, 2018, and will run until the deadline of March 2, 2018.    Applicants must be 62 years or older, legally residing on the Dutch side of the island and must be a GEBE client with contract in his or her name

The registration form for the senior citizen relief program can be collected at the Philipsburg Main Office or via the GEBE website  After the form has been completed together with the necessary original documents, said documentation along with a previous bill and ID can then be submitted to the Main office building in Philipsburg.

Please bear in mind in order to qualify for the relief program, all documents must be submitted and the client must be in good standing order with NV GEBE for the last 5 years. Management of NV GEBE reserves the right to accept or decline any relief request at their discretion.

This Senior Relief program will be transparent and everyone will be treated in a fair manner, once they are able to prove compliance with the mentioned criteria’s.