Mauricia-Peterson: We need to start educating our children at school about recycling



~ Working on recycling laws is a most ~

Cali, Colombia / Philipsburg, St. Maarten — Francelise Mauricia-Peterson the #7 candidate on the St. Maarten Christian party (SMCP) has been doing some research in Cali Colombia on recycling.

“While in Cali, Colombia I have been doing a bit of research pertaining to the way recycling is done here, as it amazes me to see how they keep the place clean and preparations are on point.”

Mauricia-Peterson stated that it all starts with each business for example with the hotels dividing the trash from inside the room and straight out to the streets. “It had me thinking for awhile as this is a perfect start for our Island. We need to start educating our children at school about recycling and dividing and preparing their garbage for disposal,” said Mauricia-Peterson.

She further stated that it is very important to start from pre-school right up to high school.

“We can easily stop our old practices if we really want change and implement a good recycling system, let’s be the change we want to see in our country, and show the world that St. Maarten cares about recycling.”

Mauricia-Peterson strongly feels that sanctions and fines are a must and we should be very strict on applying them across the board for those that fail to comply.

Francelise Mauricia-Peterson

“As I continue my journey I would like to say that our greatest weakness on St. Maarten is our EGO. We need to allow our minds to expand to be able to ask for assistance from the outside world when needed as this recycling venture will never hamper the jobs of our people, it will actually create more jobs. Teach a man how to fish and he will have food for a lifetime. Education is the Key, don’t ever lose it,” said Mauricia-Peterson.