Mr. Glen A. Carty, Director of SZV


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — With several systemically vital assigned tasks nearing completion and the SZV 3.0. strategic plan in full execution phase, the Director of SZV Glen Carty sees that his priority task as turnaround specialist is nearing completion. In consultation with Minister Lee, Carty will step down as Director on December 31st, 2018. Carty was appointed by the Governor by National decree on August 1st, 2016, after successfully completing the required Category A screening of the National Security of Sint Maarten.

“Glen’s contributions to the Country and SZV have been tremendous and greatly appreciated.  Both Glen and I agreed that with the hospital entering another phase of its development and the progress made on SZV’s strategic plan, it makes sense to begin the recruitment process for a new General Director.  I have asked that Glen stay on until the end of the year to allow for a proper and transparent transition.” – Emil Lee, Minister VSA

Minister of Public Health, Emil Lee will discuss the recruitment procedures for the new Director of SZV with the Supervisory Board of SZV and support the recruitment process to be carried out by the Supervisory Board. It is the intention that the new Director will work alongside Carty for the final months of the year to ensure a smooth transition and continuity of activities once formally appointed by January 1st, 2019.

The Minister of Public Health, Emil Lee has requested Carty to remain Director until December 31st to focus on expediting the SZV 3.0. strategic plan and for SZV to assist in ensuring that the objectives set for the second phase of the new general hospital are met without further delay.

Carty as Director of SZV, initiated the Tripartite collaboration for the new general hospital and has been one of the key stakeholders involved in the development of the business plan of the new general hospital. One of the major identified costs of SZV is the management of medical referrals abroad. This cost now exceeds over 40 million guilders per year. With the financing of the new general hospital now complete, the project will go over to execution phase and Carty can now mainly focus on the further implementation of SZV 3.0.

Minister Lee has been monitoring the progress of the execution of Social & Health Insurances (SZV) 3.0 strategic plan which is aimed at improving the quality of service and operational management of the organization. To gain an independent review of the operations at SZV, Minister Emil Lee contracted SOAB to conduct a performance audit for the years 2011-2016 which included reviews of compliance, internal control methods, measuring mechanisms, investment policies, management of operational costs etc.

The report indicates that there is still much room for improvement to be done by SZV, however the findings are that the implementation of the 5-year SZV 3.0. strategic plan is showing positive developments. Minister Emil Lee states that Carty’s Director Performance Contract for 2018 will focus on areas of attention as outlined in the strategic plan and the SOAB report. Namely, improve automation of processes, cost reduction in operations, compliance adherence and customer care offering.

In the first ever performance agreement issued to a director of the SZV, under Minister Emil Lee in 2016, several improvement points were outlined for SZV to work on. The results of several actions are starting to show; increase in customer contact options, access of information for insured, contracted international health care providers, implementation of control mechanisms through the internal audit department, improved working relations between the Ministry of VSA, SMMC and other stakeholders, staff training and development, online employer services, digital declarations for health care providers and more.

The continued execution of SZV’s 3.0. strategic plan is very important as it will have an impact on health care reform for the country. One of the challenges of Government institutions on Sint Maarten is data collection and the management of information exchange. This is no different at SZV. The Automation focus of SZV aims to address this with the introduction of E-SZV which will expand to E-Health. In essence the automation and synchronization of critical processes and data of SZV, local health care providers and the insured. The result being improved service, ability to monitor efficiency and combat possible fraud.