Minister Silveria Jacobs Addresses gathering at National Day of Prayer 

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The theme of this National Day of Prayer “Repentance will result in the Glory of God in the Land” and I daresay St. Maarten is so fitting for the time we are in.
This morning in service I was blessed by this word by the boys and l again to recognize the power of God and the  power of prayer, the power of a praying people.
A praying people are a people of faith, a people of Love for God, who is Love and his mercy endures forever!!!!
He doesn’t take us through it without a purpose – each diamond must go through much stress in order to shine – and God has allowed us to go through the experiences of 2017 for a reason, and I pray that we take stock of ourselves – each and everyone one of us, to reflect, repent, ask for forgiveness and turn away from any thoughts and acts that are not acceptable to him – let all we do glorify him here on St. Maarten and in all the earth.
Thanks to the Ministry I have lead for the past two years. Thank God for the plans both pre and post Irma which I trust – with God’s help and guidance – will come to pass to the benefit of the people of St. Maarten.
I also take this time to thank my colleagues in the council of ministers who have worked shoulder to shoulder for St. Maarten.
I especially take time to thank former Prime Minister William Marlin for his guidance and wisdom during my life, and    his successor PM Boasman for his timely advice and encouragement.
I feel blessed to have served this nation and will reflect, take stock, and pledge to continue to do so according to His mighty will.
Thanks to the SG of the Ministry Of Education Culture Youth and Sport Ms. Jorien Wuite,  for the advice and support during my term, and I will wish you God’s speed in continuing  the plight for the recovery process.
In that same vein I would like to take time to give thanks to all who made this National Day of Prayer possible.
May we continue to pray unceasingly for St. Maarten and her people for a full recovery!
God bless you and all the people of St. Maarten.