Cay Bay Community Caretaker team is calling for residence to postulate for the new board election



CAY BAY, Sint Maarten — We the residence of Cay Bay is moving on with a new action plan. We have waited for too long for the current president to represent and show interest in Cay Bay.  We will like to inform the General Public, Politicians and the residence of Cay Bay that the Cay Bay Community Council is no longer functioning.

All members have resigned with the exception of the President. According to the articles of our incorporation there must be a minimum of 3 members for the board to function, and at present that is not the case.

After the passing of hurricane Irma when our villagers was crying out for help the silence of our President was deafening and we the residence of Cay Bay got together and put a care team in place that then sought for the wellbeing by making sure the district was recognize where relief and various forms of aid was concerned. This care team is currently still representing Cay Bay.

We would like to establish an official body that will represent us seeing that the representation in the past under the current President was only self-fulfilling.

With this in mind we have decided to go over to elections.

The Cay Bay Community Caretaker team that is overseeing the betterment of the residents of Cay Bay, is requesting all persons interested in postulating for a position on the New Board to please contact Ms. Sharon Cangieter 721.553.1273 or Mr. Alejandro Bennet 721.522.6142 before February 9. 2018.

A date for a general meeting will be subsequently announced where the names will be presented and elections will be held.