Again a stalemate between the Government and one of its companies with the dump caught in the middle. 



Philipsburg, St. Maarten — The statement by the VROMI Minister, Honorable Christopher Emmanuel, regarding the landfill and his solution for this public hazard, has done nothing to convince the public that all is well with the umpteen plan for a Waste to Energy plant on St. Maarten.

This plan should allegedly also include the clearing of the dump site in the Salt Pond . What is questionable is the manner that the decision making in GEBE has been described by the Minister. On a decision such as this, namely the signing of a power purchase agreement, the minister alleges that GEBE board members have to individually affix their signature to this document.

Normally, board decisions are taken in board meetings and a majority vote is carried.

Even more relevant is the question:
Is this a board’s responsibility or that of management?
What is management’s view on the matter?
What has management advised the board?

That an MOU has been signed between Enviro Green and the Vromi minister and now will be put to the Council of Ministers seems for such a crucial project to be putting the cart in front of the horse.

Who are the lawyers who advised the country on this project? and What was their advice?

I should note here that the company in question upon my request has consented to present its plan to the Parliament of St. Maarten. On an unrelated note, the Vromi Minister has declined the invitation from Parliament to meet on the matter of the Simpsonbay Lagoon clean-up and salvage operations.