SKN Police yet to disclose if anyone has been picked up for Federation’s 23rd murder for 2017

Police on the scene following the murder of Zapheth Brown


Gingerland, Nevis – Police are yet to disclose whether any suspect or suspects have been held for questioning for the murder of Japheth Brown.

Brown, the federation’s 23rd murder victim was killed on December 14 execution-style in broad daylight.

Police have confirmed Brown was shot multiple times about his body while in Hull Ground, Gingerland.

WINN FM reported that Brown went to Hull Ground to visit his girlfriend, and as they left her house and were walking towards the bus stop for him to leave the area, a number of assailants started shooting at the couple.

The gunmen reportedly chased the victim down the street firing at their intended target. The victim fell on the road, where he was later pronounced dead. The young woman managed to escape injury. Brown’s murder is also the ninth for Nevis.

St Kitts and Nevis murders for 2017 are:

Murder # 1 – January 29th – 44-year-old Leon Gumbs of Morning Star, Nevis found dead in his home with two gunshot wounds to the body.

Murder # 2 – February 1st – 39-year-old Venezuela-born Cash for Gold businessman, Luis Garcia, was shot and killed mid-morning on Manchester Ave, St, Kitts.

Murder # 3 – March 10th – 54-year-old Ashton Christopher of Taylors Village, St. Kitts was stabbed to death.

Murder # 4 – March 25th – 15-year-old Ashanafi Saddler was stabbed to death at Janet Alley, St. Kitts, by his 21-year-old brother Kareem Chumney.

Murder # 5 – March 26th – Rondell Chapman of Rawlins Village, Gingerland, Nevis, shot and killed.

Murder # 6 – March 28th – Akeem ‘Ratty’ Bryan was shot dead in Newton Ground, St. Kitts.

Murder # 7 – April 17th – 28-year-old Cotton Ground villager, Morella Webbe was shot and killed.

Murders # 8 and #9 – April 25th – 21-year-old Elvis Lawrence and 25-year-old Shariff Williams of Cotton Ground, Nevis, shot and killed.

Murder #10 – May 9th – Gregory Mills, a Pizza businessman shot and killed at Gillard’s, St. Kitts.

Murder #11 – June 2nd – 37-year-old Lydia Jacobs was gunned down outside her home in Church Ground, Nevis.

Murders #12 and #13 – June 3rd – 41-year-old businessman Sean “Spajal” Smith of Taylors and 46-year-old Dennis “Bun Up” Liburd of Mc Knight gunned down at Taylor’s Village, St. Kitts.

Murder # 14 – June 6th – 32-year-old Jahma Francis of St. Paul’s, St. Kitts was shot and killed.

Murder # 15 – June 14th – Body of missing 17-year-old Leanna Napoleon of Keys found in a shallow grave at Olivees Mountain.

Murder # 16 – June 24th – Darnell Govia of Phillips’ shot and killed at the J.N. France General Hospital, St. Kitts.

Murder # 17 – July 4th – Kishorne “Duppy” Edwards shot and killed in his vehicle in Ottley’s, St. Kitts.

Murder # 18 – August 21st – Benjamin Joseph died after he was shot and injured on August 19th at Pinney’s Beach, Nevis.

Murder # 19 – 7th October – three armed masked men walked into Biggz Night Club, Old Road and pumped bullets into 44-year-old Daniel Wilkinson of West Farm.

Murder # 20 – 9th October – Mervin Flaherty a male national who returned home from Tortola, British Virgin Islands, to bury his mother was stabbed.

Murder # 21 – November 17 – 56-year-old Lincoln Liburd, a Craddock Road resident shot and killed in Zetland’s, Nevis

Murder #22 – November 25 – 27-year-old Theon Audain also known as Chubby was shot and killed in the Wigley Avenue and Union Street shot dead.