Police Report: Man Stabbed and four arrested for stealing

Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson


Man seriously stabbed

The Detective Department is presently investigating a stabbing incident of a man. The incident took place on Tuesday December 19th shortly before 09.00 p.m. The police patrol was sent to the Sint Maarten Medical Center to investigate a case involving a male victim who was covered in blood as a result of being stabbed several times.

At the Sint Maarten Medical Center the investigating officers could not speak to the victim because he was being treated at the time. The officers spoke to a witness with initials B.S.G. who stated the he was accompanied by the victim when the incident took place. According to the witness the incident took place on Palm Tree drive in Orange grove. He continued to state that the victim was attacked by one of two men that approached them and stabbed the victim several times with a pointed object and could not identify these persons because they were dressed in dark clothing. After committing the act both men fled the scene.

The victim was immediately taken to the hospital for medical treatment. After treatment the victim was transported in stable condition to the ICU where he will remain for observation and further treatment.

3 arrested caught in the act stealing

On Tuesday December 19th a business owner in cape Bay was arrested in an ongoing Human smuggling investigation and placed into custody. Person living in the neighborhood found out that this business owner was in custody and found it fit to break into his business. The police was immediately notified of the break-in. On the scene police caught three suspects identified with T.C., E.K and H.H. red handed while they were busy stealing goods from the business. All three suspects were arrested on the scene and taken to police head quarters where they remain in custody for questioning and further investigation.

One male suspect arrested

On Thursday December 19th a male suspect with initials M.L. who is well known by police was arrested while operating a possible stolen vehicle which contained an amount of stolen items. The vehicle and the items were all confiscated and handed over to the Detectives for further investigation.