Prime Minister William Marlin leaves Parliament meeting to meet with the Governor

Prime Minister William Marlin


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — Prime Minister William Marlin said on Thursday afternoon that he had to suddenly leave the meeting of parliament for an urgent meeting with the Governor, his Excellency Drs. Eugene Holiday. The meeting had been adjourned for 30 minutes and as the meeting lasted much longer, the Prime Minister informed the Chairlady of Parliament that he could not return to the meeting until late in the evening.

Without consulting the Prime Minister, the Chairlady then adjourned the meeting to 10:00 am Friday morning. The Prime Minister then informed her that he could not attend then either but would be able to do so at 2:00 pm in the afternoon.

Having the Deputy Prime Minister attend at instead isn’t an option either the Prime Minister said late Thursday afternoon as on Friday morning there will be an urgent meeting of the Council of Ministers.

During that meeting the amended version of the Draft Integrity Chamber Ordinance will be handled as well as the joint cooperation agreement on border control, customs and immigration. Both the Prime Minister as well as the Deputy Prime Minister/Minister of Justice are supposed to be in the meeting.

Prime Minister Marlin added, that as soon as the amended Draft Integrity Chamber Ordinance is accepted by the Council of Ministers it will be sent to the Governor to submit to Parliament for approval. The Prime Minister said that it is then up to the Parliament to have a debate on the draft and have a vote on it as soon as possible.

Several other points will be on the agenda as well, including the National Decree to dissolve Parliament and the Emergency Roof Repair Program.

The Council of Ministers has in an earlier meeting approved 3 million Guilders towards this program. Over 300 roofs throughout the island will be fixed under this program before Christmas. Repairs to the first roofs will begin as early as Saturday.