Traffic accident with one casualty



MADAM ESTATE, Sint Maarten — The Police Traffic Department is presently investigating a traffic accident which took place on Monday October 23 at approximately 06.15 a.m. involving a private car. The accident took place on the Arch Road, in the vicinity of the Sint Maarten Zoo, Madame Estate.

The accident according to the Traffic Department was an one-sided traffic accident. The vehicle, a red Dodge, was travelling from Sucker Garden in the direction of Madame Estate. For still unclear reasons the driver lost control over his vehicle and drove into a big rock at the side of the road. As a result of the slamming the car flipped over.

The central dispatch received a phone call from a passerby and immediately send a patrol and ambulance to the Arch Road. When they arrived at the scene they saw a  car turned over and the driver was stuck in the vehicle and showed no signs of life.

When the doctor arrived, with the help of the Fire Department the driver was removed from the turned over vehicle. The pronounced the death of the man D.F. (21 years old) at the scene. At this moment the Traffic Department is conducting an investigating to find out exactly what took place.