Ministry of VROMI will resume electrical inspections as of Monday

MP Christophe Emmanuel


Philipsburg –  Electrical inspections that were scheduled before Hurricane Irma and Maria can be rescheduled as of Monday October 23, 2017.  The Inspection Department will also be scheduling new electrical inspection requests.

When applying for an electrical inspection, the following documents are needed;

  • Building permit
  • GEBE inspection card with diagram of electrical installation
  • Copy of an official address issued by the Permits Department
  • Copy of location plan from the Cadaster

A copy of a recent GEBE electricity bill and a copy of the owners’ identification is also necessary when requesting to adjoin units.

Electrical inspections that can be requested are Electrical installation upgrade and downgrade, utility meter connection, split installation connection, adjoining of units and minimum standards inspection.

The Inspection Department of the Ministry of VROMI is now located in the new Government building on Pond Island. Please visit the Inspection Department during morning hours to request an electrical inspection.