LIAT NOTICE: Schedule Change has Affected Your Travel Plans



~ Flight schedule changes have affected your bookings.  
Please contact LIAT’s Reservations Department as soon as possible! ~

ANTIGUA/SIT MAARTEN — LIAT Flight Reservations Team has announce in a press release that their flights schudule has changed, please read below the press release send by LIAT.

Due to various external factors, including the effects of hurricane’s Irma and Maria on four important LIAT destinations, one or more of your flight segments would have changed.

We ask that you contact our reservations department as soon as possible to have your bookings adjusted and therefore avoid any distress on your day of travel.  Our contact information is:

Call Centre Reservations

You can also click here for telephone numbers most convenient to you.

We are extremely sorry for any displacement or problems which these changes may have caused you, but rest assured that even though these events are out of our control we are still here to assist.