[VIDEO] Home going of teacher EDITH DIONISIA RICHARDSON GABRIEL at Kapel El Consolador Brievengat in Curacao

I was devastated to learn of the loss of your mother Denzel... My thoughts and prayers remain with you and your loved ones. ( Garnet Jenkins‎ - Facebook page)


Eulogy of teacher Edith Dionisia Richardson-Gabriel

Edith Dionisia Richardson-Gabriel

Edith was born on February 14, 1962  to her parents Stella Rombly and Hendrik Aveloo. She was the 4th child out of her 6 siblings.

As a child, she was very quiet. She attended the Skol di Sta Famia, St. Martinus, Radulphus college and P.A. Akademia Pedagokigo school. During her time at Radulfus College, she met Adeline Fergus, who introduced her to the savior Jesus Christ, and changed her life forever. Edith was accepted into the Fergus family as if she was one of their own children.

Edith has dedicated her life to God in everything she did. So she lived her life sharing lots of care and love.

The first school where she started to work at was the Oranje School. She was not only a teacher, but a mentor to the children. That’s how she took responsibility of 3 children, looking after their personal well being, giving them food and and something to drink, and also taking care of their spiritual lives. She did this for about 30 years, and today those children are all fully grown, but she continues to guide them in their lives. This was the person that Edith was. When she does something, she does it with all her passion and dedication and does not give up until the very end. She was able to help so many families in Curacao in that manner. She was also a member of the Committee for translating the Bible in papiamentu. She helped to translate books for the Iglesia Aliansa Evangelika Antias for many years.

On June 29th, 1989, Edith married Marius Richardson and went to live in St. Maarten. She gave birth to 3 children. Two sons, Leonardo and Denzel and a daughter, myself Nympha. In St. Maarten, she worked as a teacher first at the Methodist Agogic Center, and then at the Milton Peters College.  At her time in the Milton Peters College, she started her own foundation, again helping families and students in need with food, and other necessities. Edith did not change; she lived with the same passion for Christ and to help others, her students and her family. She served God with all her heart, and attended her church Kingdom Life International Ministries regularly.

Edith was the best mother you could possibly ask for; not only to me and my brothers, but for all the students that have passed through her classrooms. She embodied strength and matched it with an immeasurable capacity for love. Her dedication, motivation and how much she cares for others has inspired me beyond words.

Because of that care, I know that she will continue to live on in my heart and in the hearts of everyone who was blessed enough to have met her.

Every time she visited Curacao, she got together with her friends Sandra and Adeline. She shared her fights and pains among the three of them and would always make sure to end the conversations with a verse from the bible that would inspire each of them. She told them that when she died, not to speak about her works, but to let God judge her acts.

Edith’s savior is alive today and wants to come and live in your heart. This can only happen when you turn your back from your sins, confess, and put all your confidence in God as your personal savior, just like she did.

Edith is now with God. Us, as her family and friends have faith that we will one day see Edith again. According to Revelations 21:4: And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away”

She lived a full life, was so very loved, and touched the lives of many. I take comfort that she is now no longer in pain, but will spend her days in eternal peace with God, where she truly belongs. — Thank you.

Written by her best friends Sandra Pieternella and her daughter Nympha Richardson.

“You was a good and very nice Landlord to me, my kids and my news team…”
Rest in peace Teacher…. you will be so missed! —  On behalf of the Wilson (sxm/curacao), Webster (sxm) families and the 721news Team we wish the Richardson family much strength.

Video clips of teacher EDITH DIONISIA RICHARDSON GABRIEL funeral at Kapel El Consolador Brievengat in Curaçao.

PART # 1

PART # 2

PART # 3

You will always be so very loved. Rest in peace, Mommy.
On behalf of myself and my family, we thank you for all the overwhelming support thus far. ( Nympha Richardson – Facebook page)