Roadmap for reconstruction and Recovery of Sint Maarten

Prime Minister William Marlin


PHILIPSBURG – Due to the severe damage that was caused by Hurricane Irma to both the social and economic infrastructure of Sint Maarten, the Government of Sint Maarten will develop a national recovery plan to guide the reconstruction and recovery of Sint Maarten. A work group to draft the National Recovery Plan was established by national decree.

The work group will take the various damage and needs assessments into consideration and will consult both local and international stakeholders as part of the assignment to draft a comprehensive national recover plan that will serve as a roadmap for the reconstruction and recovery of Sint Maarten.

The National Recovery Plan, NRP for short, will outline initiatives for short, mid and long term.

The members of the work group are:

–              Mrs. Joane Dovale-Meit, Chair and Member;

–              Mr. Dennis Richardson, Vice-Chair and Member;

–              Mrs. Cassandra Janssen, Secretary and Member;

–              Mr. Jan Beaujon, Member;

–              Mrs. Mackini Hickinson- Persaud, Member;

–              Mr. Fernando William, Member.

During a meeting between the Council of Ministers and the work group on Thursday, September 21, the work group presented and submitted their approach for the drafting the National Recovery Plan, which was approved by the Council of Ministers.

The work group endeavors to prepare a preliminary report by the beginning of October 2017 and a definitive report by the end of 2017.