Government announcement: Mobile Health Bus / Garbage Separation



Mobile Health Bus Schedule
The Public Health Department & Collective Prevention Services hereby makes it known that the Mobile Health Bus will be rendering medical services to persons living in the Pointe Blanche District on the main road in the vicinity of Intermar Shipping on Monday September 25th. The Mobile Health Bus will be opened from 9 AM to 11 AM and from 12 PM to 2 PM.

The Medical services will be geared specifically for persons who cannot reach to their General Practitioners. Please walk with the boxes of your prescribed medications for refill.

Additionally the Baby Clinic is non operational, thus routine vaccination services for children ages 0 through 17 will also be administered . Parents are requested to bring along the vaccination cards and if it is not available walk with documentation of the child’s name. 

In addition, baby food will be distributed to persons who have infants and are in need of infant feeding.

Please continue to look out for more information as to when the Mobile Health Bus will be visiting other districts.

Garbage Separation & Disposal 
The Ministry of VROMI is reminding all residents of Sint Maarten to dispose their garbage properly by separating it in 3 categories as follows household garbage which goes in the large bins, large debris which goes next to the bin and zinc which also goes in a separate heap next to the bin. The separation of the garbage will help in the speedy cleanup of the island. The Ministry of VROMI commends all persons that have contributed to the overall clean up thus far.