Complete preparations! 11 Hurricane Shelters!



GREAT BAY, Sint Maarten (DCOMM) – Hurricane Irma is a major system.  The country is under a Hurricane Warning.

Residents should complete hurricane preparations by the end of the day on Tuesday, September 5, and this should include a plan of action with respect to where a person would stay prior to the arrival of the hurricane if they feel unsafe in their home. Use the opportunity now to make arrangements with family or friends as this is part of an individual’s responsibility.

At the same time, review your Hurricane Supply Kit which should contain your identity documents (eg Passport, ID Card, Driver’s License, SZV Card), non-perishable food, water, medication, flashlight, battery operated radio, and insurance documents. These should be placed in a ready-to-go bag when staying with family or friends.

At the beginning of every hurricane season you are asked to review your Hurricane Supply Kit and to make sure its restocked and ready to use.

Shelters should only be used as a last resort and will be open after the hurricane has passed for persons who have been displaced and for up to 48-hours.

Be responsible, be prepared!

Weather conditions are forecasts to deteriorate Tuesday evening.

11 Hurricane Shelters:

The list of hurricane 11 shelters are:

  • New Testament Baptist Church (Philipsburg),
  • Sr. Marie Laurence School (Middle Region),
  • Community Center (Dutch Quarter),
  • Community Center (Belvedere),
  • Milton Peters College (South Reward),
  • Rupert I. Maynard Youth Community Center (St. Peters);
  • Sint Maarten Academy (Cul de Sac),
  • National Institute for Professional Advancement (NIPA, Cay Hill),
  • Leonard Connor School (Cay Bay),
  • Christian Fellowship Church (Cole Bay),
  • Allan C. Halley Community Centre (Simpson Bay).

Tune in to 107.9 FM for Official Government Information:

Notices and information will be released to the media and via the Government Radio Station 107.9FM with respect to the national preparations and advisories for the people of Sint Maarten.