UTS provides Philipsburg Jubilee Library with 25 Mb broadband internet and sponsors Digi Summer Time Camp



Philipsburg, St Maarten — Recently, UTS CEO Glen Carty met with representatives of Foresee Foundation and its funder Windsong Foundation and expressed his support for projects that bring technology to the schools and youth of St. Maarten.

One of these locations where students from all schools are coming to do school work, do research and collaborate on joint assignments is the Philipsburg Jubilee Library. With the increasing connectivity of the Internet, libraries have also become global information centers where information is available through a number of resources.

Since 2013, Foresee Foundation and the library have collaborated and established the Medialab which has catered to over 4,000 students in the last few years, giving technology workshops whereby internet access plays a crucial role.

With the exponential growth of interesting software which demands higher internet speeds, UTS is filling that gap allowing students and staff to work on exciting projects like coding and programming, graphic design, 3D printing, gaming and much more.

The installation of the internet was done before the Digi Summer Time camp started, so participants were the first lucky ones to profit from the increased speed.

They also had the opportunity to visit UTS on-site and learn about the role of technology in the telecommunication business sector.

Foresee Foundation and the Philipsburg Jubilee Library thank UTS for partnering on these exciting projects and greatly appreciate their generous support.