BREAKING NEWS: Gunshots fired in surroundings of Prison



~ Urgent meeting between Prison Management and Minister of justice ~

POINTE BLANCHE – Reliable information reaching 721news reported that in the early morning hours of Friday, August 18, Pointe Blanche residents clearly heard the sound of gunshots coming from the outer walls of the prison. Residents in the area told 721news that police vehicles were seen going up the hill. However, circumstances are unclear as to what exactly occurred.

Since Kathron “Cuchi” Fortune was brought back to St. Maarten, a hot debate started on Facebook (social media) about how safe he would be in the prison, and if it would not be better if he were sent to Holland. One Facebook user also mentioned that there was a shortage of prison guards in the prison to secure his safety.

The Minister of Justice quickly denied, in a press briefing, that there was a staff shortage. Instead, he insisted that all published social media reports were untrue and that the prison situation was under control. However, 721news spoke to some sources and they confirmed that 3 prison guards showed up to work.

They also told our newsroom that on Thursday night, August 17, only 4 people showed up to work and this time it was clearly detailed that 3 prison guards and 1 VKS member (3 females and one male), were on duty.

On Facebook, persons are asking for the Minister of Justice to call in the VKS and Dutch Marines to assist with security at the prison as well as outside the wall.

On Friday around 2:00pm the Management of the prison was seen going into the Government building as they had a meeting schedule with the Minister of Justice.