Francesco Corallo returns to Italy on August 17


ITALY/ST. MAARTEN – Italian media are reporting that Francesco Corallo will be arriving in Italy by Thursday, August 17. However, there is no word from the local Prosecutor’s Office on when he will be extradited to Italy.

On Sunday August 13 Italian media reported:

There are four days left till August 17, which is the day Francesco Corallo will return to Italy on a scheduled flight to be definitively delivered by Dutch authorities to the Italian authorities.

Corallo had been arrested in the Dutch Caribbean island of St. Maarten on December 13, 2016 on charges of association for money laundering, bankruptcy, recycling and various tax offenses and has since been locked in a cell in the capital, Philipsburg.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office in Rome, the entrepreneur, who is active in the casinos and slot machine sector would have paid about €7 million to Gianfranco Fini’s family members: Elisabetta, Giancarlo and Sergio Tulliani, all accused of money laundering (including the Former President of the Chamber) by the magistrates of the Capital.

Those magistrates in Italy expect an explanation to understand how Corallo will justify the €7 million sent by his men to the Tulliani family for advice by fake investigators.