Dominica Foundation award scholarships to two students



PHILIPSBURG – The Dominica Foundation St. Maarten in collaboration with the Dominica State College have awarded scholarships to two deserving students from the local community.

Towards the end of 2016, interested candidates were requested to apply for the scholarships. “We are quite elated to announce that the two recipients: Lynollitta S. Gumbs and David Pierre Louis are in Dominica ahead of next week’s orientation. As a foundation we were happy to meet with the two recipients to offer words of support, advice and encouragement before they left for Dominica,” said President Clayton Felix.

The students were implored to be ambassadors with sterling academic and social conduct while at the Dominica State College. President Felix stated to the recipients, “We trust that your success will embolden others after you and therefore encourage you to make maximum use of this privilege.”

“It is a mixed emotion for me. I am excited to go to Dominica and pursue my education and at the same time I am saddened to have to leave my little brother behind. We have a strong bond and he expects to see me home every evening. I will miss him immensely,” Gumbs said.

The Dominica Foundation St. Maarten is grateful to the Dominica State College for the natural partnership on this initiative. “Throughout the process we were blessed to have received the competent and professional service from the Dean of Student Affairs and International Services Beverley LeBlanc and her colleagues at the state college. All of this was made possible through collective efforts on their part and for that we are most grateful. We are trusting that this collaboration will continue to grow from strength to strength,” Felix stated.

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