Parent of NIPA student wants her name cleared

Kerry Heron the parent of a NIPA student


Philipsburg, Sint Maarten — Kerry Heron the parent of a NIPA student would like her name cleared in the accusations being made by the Board of NIPA and the Minister of Education that she filed a complaint against Mrs. Farrah Busby-Richardson a teacher at NIPA. The parent clearly states that at no time did she go to the school to file a complaint against the teacher for sharing inappropriate material with the students via Whatsapp.

Ms. Heron clearly stated that these allegations are false, as she never made a complaint, and if she made a complaint where is it as it had to be a written complaint whereby she signed approval to. “The NIPA Board and the minister by extension are accusing me of things I am not involved in,” said Ms. Heron. Ms. Heron stated how is it that they can be investigating an incident whereby a complaint was never filed.

The parent stated that the only time she mentioned the teacher’s name, was regarding a bullying incident that her daughter was involved in, which was handled by the teacher.

Ms. Heron would like her name withdrawn from any statements regarding a complaint she made. She stated that she is a hard working woman raising her children and is not getting herself involved in anything that can destroy her reputation or the reputation of others.

Based on reports a teacher at NIPA has been placed on inactive duty due to a pending investigation based on a complaint from a parent that the teacher has been sharing inappropriate material with students via the WhatsApp chat. At the weekly Council of Ministers Press Briefing, Minister Jacobs stated that a parent filed a complaint at the school regarding a WhatsApp group chat where the teacher was involved; she said that the teacher was given the opportunity to defend herself as the board was investigating the complaint filed by the parent.

Ms. Heron would not like to be involved in whatever controversy is brewing at the school and would like her name cleared.