NV GEBE and Dept. of Labor hosts Job Registration Drive  



PHILIPSBURG – NV GEBE announced via a press release that in collaboration with the Department of Labor Affairs and Social Services that they will be hosting a job registration drive.

This drive is geared towards individuals who would like to gain experience and practical training in the work field. Applicants interested in this training program can apply directly on July 7, at the Registration Drive at GEBE premises from 10:00am to 2:00pm.

On November 22, 2016, NV GEBE signed an MOU with the Labor Department. The three-year agreement is designed to establish a partnership between NV GEBE and the Labor Department with the keen intent to facilitate training opportunities amongst the local population within the Government-owned company.

A number of persons within GEBE have been selected as coaches, who will mentor the candidates for five months in various functions within the company, after which, the trainee should be able to put to practice the skills that they learned while observing the mentor.

After a period of time, the trainee is expected to be able to work on their own with minimal to no supervision. Once the program is completed, an evaluation will take place with GEBE, the Department of Labor Affairs and the coaches.

Several opportunities may arise from the evaluation meeting including the possibility that once a trainee completes the program successfully, and a vacancy becomes available within GEBE, a suitable trainee candidate may be considered for recruitment.

GEBE is proud to contribute in the development of nation building by collaborating in these types of programs that are beneficial to the people of St. Maarten.