The Chamber of Commerce St. Maarten (COCI) welcomes as its Executive Director Mr. Anastacio Baker.



PHILIPSBURG, SInt Maarten — The vacancy was placed for an internal round of applications. Mr. Baker was selected out of this process, based on the recommendation made by the external selection committee tasked with the application process.

Mr. Baker assumed the position as of July 1st, 2017; after tendering his resignation as member of the COCI Board of Directors. Mr. Baker who formerly held the position of Manager of the Quality Assurance Department at the Princess Juliana International Airport for 13 years, after having incorporated this division, is known to be passionate in his work.

Having served on the COCI Board of Directors, with excellent performance records by his Safety and Security committee, and on the COCI executive Board, Mr. Baker is no stranger to COCI and its stakeholders. Mr. Baker an experienced business person himself, knows all too well the difficulties businesses face when trying to advance to the next level.

As expressed by Mr. Baker himself: “I am a good listener, great planner and one who can relate to the cries of the business sector. I will communicate extensively with our members in the community and formulate actions needed to address the issues brought to COCI.

This is how I envision that COCI empowers, propels, supports and guides businesses towards success.” The COCI Board of Directors is therefore confident that the knowledge and expertise of Mr. Baker, and his dynamisms in whatever he undertakes will positively contribute towards the further development of the institution.

The President of COCI is quoted saying: “The Executive Director has his work cut out, for in addition to his own action plan, he has an extensive program developed by the COCI Board to execute.

We are very pleased that he has taken on the challenge.”