WTN Cable upgrading DVBT to DVBT2 system



PHILIPSBURG – WTN Cable will be upgrading their DVBT to DVBT2 system. With this upgrade customers are required to swap their current converter (STB) to enjoy the following:

New converter (STB), which is smaller in size and faster in speed, and programmable in different languages; Better audio (theater like); More TV programs including music (channels); HD TV programs (channels); Many international radio stations and music stations; Recordable TV program (need USB stick to apply); EPG (a menu is displayed that lists current and upcoming television programs on all available channels implemented in August); Multimedia player using USB stick; TV program subtitle and SAP (depends on the program, allowing subtitle in a different language and the SAP allows you to change the voice of the language of the TV program); Payment reminder starting 5 days before due date; On air customer auto search request. Whenever a change is made in our system the customer will receive an alert to press OK for auto search to start automatically; No more converter (STB) repairs simply swap for a new one in the event of defective.

Swapping of the converters (STB) will start on Saturday, July 8, with a party at the Obersi Building from 10:00am to 7:00pm. The opening hours for the swap office at Obersi building are:

Monday to Saturday from 10:00am to 7:00pm until Saturday, August 5.

“From time to time, we will announce alternative swap offices in various locations. This will be announced on our channel 48, social media, radio stations and newspaper. In order to continue to get great service by us, having the correct address and correct customer contact information, we require an updated customer file by filling in an intake document in addition to bringing the following:

– Valid ID of account owner;

– GEBE bill (not older than 3 months);

– Landlord permit (if needed);

– Your current converter (STB) with remote control,” a press release stated.

Active and non-active customers have up to 12 months to swap the converter, and do not have to pay a refundable deposit. All other customers will be dealt with on a case by case basis, and will enjoy the same price.

WTN Cable, on behalf of Caribbean Cable and Telecommunications Association (CCTA), presented a cheque for US $1,000 to Keith Franca and Bernard Hunt, who are board members of the Alzheimer’s Association.