Women’s Conference: We must document ourselves and build lasting relationships

In the picture, moments during the 14th Annual Women’s Conference in Curaçao: “About Legacy and Female Leadership.”


WILLEMSTAD, Curaçao – The 14th annual Women’s Conference in Curaçao with the theme: “About Legacy and Female Leadership” was another successful gathering of people who want to move forward in life with what is available, who know that there is much more to have and who are willing to work on relationships to achieve their goals.

The conference took place in the Willemstad Room at the Curaçao Hilton Hotel and started on both days with attendants ready for the whole experience.

Victoria Wild opened the conference followed by Master of Ceremony Alba Chatlein LL.M.

Initiator and organizer Reyna Joe welcomed those present and encouraged them to use this forum to work on relationships and not to just network. “In the end we all must have our story to tell and real relationships to share it with,” she said.

Conference advisor since the beginning, Norma Angel, PhD, MM asked participants to know why they were at the conference and to understand that it does not make a difference where they are from. She then lit the conference light to mark the official beginning of the conference.

The next part of the conference was the Outstanding Woman Award Ceremony that recognized the work done by the late May Henriquez, which strengthened the language of Papiamentu and contributed to making it a strong communication tool.

Powerful speakers were anthropologist drs. Su Girigori from Curaçao, Ivonne Pinedo LL.M. from Miami, Florida, and mental health expert Kenneth Cuvalay from St. Eustatius, who shared their views on legacy by sharing their experience on how “to be ready to tell your story or to have your story told.”

There were also two additional presentations by beautician Chantal Vogelland from The Netherlands and General Practitioner Dr. Justine Heyden from Curaçao. Both gave more popular female knowledge and information that was well received based on the number of questions they received.

The closing of the conference on Sunday, May 28, was with the circle work giving participants the opportunity to reach more into themselves.

This 14th conference was again a great experience. It keeps proving its right of existence and the organization is grateful to everyone who made it possible: the BISInc team, Curaçao Hilton Hotel and all supporters.

The counting down has started for the 15th Annual Female Leadership Conference in Curaçao on May 26 and 27, 2018.

For more information visit: www.aboutfemaleleaderhsip.com and Facebook page: AboutFemaleLeadership.