Traffic lights turned on



PHILIPSBURG – The traffic lights located at the intersection of the Walter Nisbeth Road-A.Th. Illidge road was finally turned on once again after being out of service for approximately 8 months.

The system was severely damaged with the continuous on and off of the electricity. The repair was more difficult than anticipated. Experts were brought in from Aruba and still no suitable solution was found.

The Ministry of VROMI decided to work along with the local company Smart Innovations Caribbean which also allows young adults and students to do job training to gain hands on experience in the work field.

After some 3 months of getting approval and getting all items needed on island, the company rebuilt the complete traffic stop light control box and also ensured that the system can be protected from the undesirable electricity outages that can lead to serious damages of system elements.

The system was tested for a few days during the early morning hours and on Wednesday afternoon at around 4.00 pm the Minister of VROMI, the honorable Christophe Emmanuel put the Traffic Light Controller switch on and the lights went back into service.