S.E.L. Maduro & Sons getaway to Dominican Republic a resounding success



PHILIPSBURG – S.E.L. Maduro & Sons embarked upon the annual “Relaxed, Fun, Informative” four-day weekend getaway to the Dominican Republic May 25-28.

This undertaking was a creative marketing venture to afford 75 participants fun-filled travel (via PAWA Dominicana) and cultural exchanges. Some 75 guests at the relaxed, fun, informative weekend getaway were hosted at the luxurious, all-inclusive, five-star resort Be Live Canoa, where they received a warm welcome, comfortable accommodations and quality service throughout their entire stay.

The first night, a Mexican dinner was arranged at the hotel for the entire group of 75 guests, then followed live performances at the hotel. Then on to the disco to dance the night away. Some of the guests boarded the free shuttle service to go a casino and disco 10 minutes from the hotel. Group members were free to enjoy the night life at the end of the fun filled days.

The second day was an informative Tour to Cuevas de las Maravilla (Marvel caves) and then to Altos de Chavon River, island tours to historical and cultural sites. These were followed by a delightful lunch at the Ranch along with fun activities like crossing the bridge, riding on the high swing, and riding on the bull.

The third day was a shopping trip to the Agora Mall, which was a high point of the trip, as guests were afforded time to explore and enjoy the mall.

The success of the “Relaxed, fun, informative, weekend” group trip was evident by the overall satisfaction of the guests. S.E.L. Maduro Travel Team worked together to ensure that the customers enjoyed a stress-free, all-inclusive trip, with quality service at an affordable cost. This included all arrangements from airfare, transportation, hotel, meals, drinks, tours and entertainment.

In response to customer demands, S.E.L. Maduro & Sons is presently creating more all-inclusive group travel packages like: All-inclusive trip to Cuba; Black Friday Weekend Shopping trip to Miami, Florida; a trip to Jamaica and to Aruba. Well noted is the Dominica Creole Fest on October-27-30, 2017.

For further information, contact S.E.L. Maduro & Sons (Maduro Travel), for local and international services. Located at Emmaplein Building # 1, in Philipsburg. Telephone numbers: 1(721) 542-3410/2472; e-mail: travel@maduro-sxm.com