Nipa students clarify statements



Dear Public 

First of all I would like to clarify a statement made by the minister. Yes we the students did send a letter to the inspectorate. We are not trying to tarnish NIPA or anything but what we are seeing is serious nepotism and the minister is very biased.

The whole cook class is out and no one is saying anything.

As a minister of Education, I think Minister Jacobs way of handling business at NIPA is very unprofessional.

The Board of Directors (BOD) have to realize that having an educational  institute and not having the right support and people who cares is baseless.

If the BOD had us the students in their best interest the decisions that they made concerning the staff would have never happened.

In St. Maarten however everything is based on friendship. We as young professionals are amazed by the way our leaders handle things. Election is coming again and we are waiting for the nice speeches.

We are so lost! How can we focus on our exams?

The Institute has become just a a place that breathes nepotism now.

Mr Aventurin walks in that place like a big boss and don’t even greet us.

Stand with them like you said Minister Jacobs.

Students of NIPA