New Company CSMA changing customer service  



SIMPSON BAY – Customer Service Mobile Academy (CSMA) opened its doors on Wednesday, May 31, 2017 in St. Maarten.

CSMA is a new, affiliate company that falls under the auspices of Training Professionals International Firm (TPI) the leading training and professional development firm in the Caribbean.

CSMA’s main objective is to “Raise the Bar in Customer Service Excellence,” in 4 main service areas. One, by issuing accredited certifications to service industry professionals that complete CSMA courses. Secondly, by offering a convenient mobile approach to hosting CSMA trainings on site at client locations, offering first-class convenience. Providing organizations with professional assistance with restructuring their Customer Service department(s) to become more customer-focused, consultation services to assist in developing staff trainings and professional development programs that focus on building customer relations internally and externally,  conducting pre and post assessments that identify obstacles and challenges organizations are often faced with that defeat quality customer service delivery and recommend modern day practices, proven effective in the world. Finally, providing organizations with Guest Speakers that are experts in the field of Customer Service.

CSMA also provides Secret Shopper Programs to act as the primary agent (i.e. measuring tool) to determine the effectiveness of CSMA’s adopted programs.

President and CEO of CSMA Dr. Natasha Gittens stated: “The launch of the Customer Service Mobile Academy is needed and is key to supporting the Tourism Industry of the Caribbean one organization and one island at a time. CSMA offers over 20 accredited trainings that focus on key aspects of the Customer Service ever-changing industry.”

Topics like: how to provide an unforgettable customer experience; how to drive your customers to write positive comments on social media about your business; how to anticipate customers’ needs immediately; how to become a customer service star in your organization; gain customers loyalty and let them bring you customers; the art of customer service professionalism; how to say no and still maintain a good relationship with your customers, and much more.

To schedule CSMA-accredited Customer Service trainings held at your organization or find out more about St. Maarten Customer Service Week 2017, go to and download the registration packet for the upcoming St. Maarten Customer Service week, September 4-8, and the CSMA Training Catalog that provides descriptions and topics of CSMA training opportunities for businesses and organizations. Or email: or call 526-2050.