Motorworld goes green with new showroom



COLE BAY – Motorworld believes in going green, which is evident in the recently opened state-of-the-art showroom in Cole Bay.

The entire building is connected with a high tech solar panel system located on the roof of the parts department, which is 210 panels, five inverters, with a monthly production of about 13,500kw, which should cover 90% of the new building.

The above with many new features were revealed by Managing Director of Motorworld Tariq Amjad during the opening ceremony last week. In addition to the above, an 84 ton (1,008,000 BTU) inverter AC system is used to cool the building, which is the latest technology that saves about 55% of a normal AC unit.

Amjad further stated that the building is extremely energy efficient with LED lighting everywhere. The showroom has a 12v connection under every car that goes directly to the battery terminals of the car to show the beauty of LED lights on a car once equipped with them.

“As you can see, our family believes in going green as much as possible to help maintain a healthy planet,” said Amjad.

The entire showroom is a little more than 15,200 square feet, which can withstand earthquakes and a category five hurricane. The steel frame building is reinforced with concrete and steel, and the glass surrounding the building was sourced from Shuco in Germany, one of the biggest and best glass companies in the world. Amjad mentioned that they used the strongest available double-glazed impact glass, which is insulated and has a heat reflective coating. “Only the highest quality materials were used,” Amjad stated.

The showroom is equipped with a smart TV system, where ads can be placed on the TVs, and banners can be seen on screen while watching CNN. A great addition to the showroom is the handover room, which will eliminate delivery of the newly purchased vehicle in the sun or rain, but instead it will all take place in a beautifully lit room.

“The smart TV in this room can be programed with special wishes from Motorworld on screen or from a client who is surprising someone. A pumping sound system in the handover room with Bluetooth can even play the client’s favorite song during delivery,” Amjad continued.

Throughout the entire building is a state-of-the-art surround sound, including the bathroom, which is all controlled by an app on the phone. Amjad mentioned that if the staff want to listen to a particular song and share it with their colleagues, it can be done via Bluetooth and will be played on all the speakers on either floor.

The showroom, being the biggest in the Caribbean, Central and South America, has the capacity to hold 22 cars, but Amjad reduced it to 18, so that people can walk comfortably amongst the cars. “As a matter of fact, most dealerships in the world do not have so many cars. Most really big dealerships have between 15-18 cars in their showroom,” said Amjad.

Everything on the building is 100% compliant with the manufacturer standards, because when persons walk into Hyundai, Honda and Jeep this is their brand identity. With Jeep, on the exterior there are silver aluminum panels with original manufacturer signage installed. The design is simple and warm, and a clear emphasis on the rugged toughness of the brands. Three vehicles will fit into this space from the Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram lineup.

Honda’s colors are white, silver and red, from the exterior signage to the interior. “A Honda designated sign manufacturer came to St. Maarten for nearly two weeks just to install the exterior panels and signage with Betonbouw workers,” said Amjad. This area has grey walls and roofing, and the ambience is of a premium atmosphere, giving it a jewelry store effect. Five Hondas will occupy this space.

According to Amjad, Hyundai is St. Maarten’s largest car brand, therefore the main emphasis on Hyundai branding is in the building. “This is Hyundai’s all new design, which was launched in 2014 worldwide, and they are working towards a mandatory global implementation by 2019, it is known as GDSI, which stands for Global Dealership Space Identity,” Amjad explained.

Amjad further informed that the entire building is based off their design concept known as EMotion Park, where everything is inspired by nature to create an emotional customer experience and bonding to the brand. Bronze colors are used throughout, giving a warm and homey feeling. The pattern of the exterior panels and interior roof ceiling is known as “Shaped Sky,” a design concept originated from the sky pattern of clouds.

The Vertical Green concept created by Hyundai shows inside the cluster columns, which are actually steel column supports, but designed in a bamboo style, giving the vertical feeling of trees and woods inside.

Upon entering the showroom, there is a dedicated reception desk with Hyundai branding, where excellent assistance will be provided to all walk-in customers. The dedicated customer lounge is also located in the Hyundai area, as well as the main sales administration zone. Both areas are carpeted with the exact Hyundai carpets required.

The Motorworld Showroom is a must see, and we encourage all to pass by and see the showroom for yourself.

721news would like to congratulate the Motorworld team on this new showroom, and wish them continued success in the future.