Minister of ECYS Silveria Jacobs Flag Day 2017 Message



Minister of ECYS Silveria Jacobs

PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The St. Maarten flag symbolizes the qualities we should represent as a Nation. Our flag represents the unity and love we should have for human kind, the strength and courage we should represent as a land and the appreciation we should have for our ecosystem and those that inhabit it.

We must contribute to preserving St. Maarten for our future generations to come. Pledge to keep it clean, take care of our beaches, trees, mangroves, hills, and even the animals who are vital in sustaining our system.

By beach and strand, we are ultimately blessed, and must hold the pride of our nation near and dear, and safeguard the evolution of St. Maarten. It takes one person to change the mindset, so let us be the individuals to enact the change of a nation.

Fly your St. Maarten flag on this day with more pride and dignity than you have ever done.

May God continue to bless this beautiful land and its people. Happy Flag Day 2017.