BHOTA representative removed from SMHDF Board of Directors



BELVEDERE – The Belvedere Homeowners and Tenants Association (BHOTA), announced today that there will be a change of guard in their representation on the St. Maarten Housing Development Foundation (SMHDF) Supervisory Board of Directors.

Elston Fos has been notified, that effective immediately, he can no longer represent, or is responsible, for anything related to BHOTA.

Fos was nominated by BHOTA in 2014, as a member of the SMHDF Supervisory Board and was confirmed by the SMHDF per September 2014. His tenure was the subsequent result of the removal of Joycelyn Arrindell, a long-time Belvedere resident, who served on the SMHDF Supervisory Board of Directors for 3 consecutive years as a professional and tactful member.

BHOTA is now looking forward to a new chapter in cooperation between its community members, the SMHDF and Minister of VROMI to change the negative landscape created over the past months. “As leaders of BHOTA, an important community organization, we would like to bring back the exciting and gratifying experiences of residing in the beautiful Belvedere Estate and other Housing Foundation areas,” a release said.

BHOTA is especially appreciative of the excellent and dedicated residents, who besides all the pointless media drama over the past months, have remained faithful that their issues of importance will be addressed with a strong and pragmatic voice on the SMHDF Supervisory Board of Directors.

“BHOTA will continue to seek the relevance of the kindnesses amongst residents, in these divided partisan times. We want to remind residents of the idea of the common good and to make clear how their compassion might serve to bring citizens together in advancing the general welfare in our proud communities. A fact, which has been displayed among residents for over 20 years,” the release continued.

“Let us not be divided in our stance for improved living conditions for all in our community. The bashing of our community in weekly media reports is not the example that we would like to give to our children. For this reason, BHOTA would like to bring back the good neighbors’ jollification actions and pride in our communities,” the release further explained.

“These ideas will be illustrated in our communities through neighborhood watches and community gatherings. Let the past, that we are weekly exposed to, make us wiser and enrich our lives. Let’s create a neighborhood that our families can appreciate and be proud off. Condemning our community in which many have invested thousands of dollars serves no good,” stated the release.

“Most importantly, BHOTA would like to promote, good and respectful neighbors, consideration for others who live around you and improve the communication with its stakeholders. Let’s always think about the future rather than the here-and-now. Let’s foster constructive criticism and help to determine the overall success as a proud and resilient community. At this moment, our community should be seen as a car. What’s the most important part? An engine can’t get you anywhere without the wheels. It all has to be integrated. All of the different ‘parts’ of being tenants, residents, the SMHDF and the Ministry of VROMI make up a much bigger machine that if used correctly, can shape messages that lead to great improvements and bring back the excitement of living in Belvedere,” the release said.

“Let’s be the face for our future generation and let’s focus on our similarities, and not only our differences. Let our community serve as an example for other areas in St. Maarten. Let’s bring back the pride in our communities, real talk, is graceful. BHOTA wishes Mr. Elston Fos, well with his future endeavors,” concluded the release, which was signed by Benjamin Kelly.