20 entrepreneurs complete 2-day business clinic



PHILIPSBURG – More than 20 entrepreneurs completed the 2-day intellectual property business clinic (IP IMPACT) held on June 22 and 23, at Holland House Beach Hotel, the facility partner.

Within 3 days of announcing IP IMPACT, the business clinic reached its capacity and a waiting list was created. Attendees included both start-ups and established businesses as well as teachers and creative entrepreneurs. The number of responses showed a high interest in the related topic.

Facilitator Kayanne Anderson, the premier specialist on intellectual property in the region, is also a lawyer, and founder of IP Exchange Caribbean. Anderson emphasized the various intellectual property assets that exist and how to leverage these assets to grow and scale businesses.

The focus of IP IMPACT was not only on how to register intellectual property, but also on understanding the economic benefits of adequately incorporating intellectual property into one’s business. The discussion included valuation of intellectual property as an (financial) asset, as well as having an IP strategy. The interactive sessions included conducting trademark and patent searches, as well as group exercises. Office World supplied INFOBIZZ with prizes such as phones for these sessions.

IP IMPACT could not have been possible without COSME. This organization is focused on strengthening small, medium enterprises in the overseas countries and territories in the Caribbean. The EU Commission has made funding available to further this aim. Foundation INFOBIZZ hosted IP IMPACT through this program.

Other key partners include the Bureau for Intellectual Property of St. Maarten (BIP) and the Department of Economic Affairs, Transportation, and Telecommunications (ETT). As the legal body incorporated, for the administration of trademarks, and providing information on all procedural aspects related to the registration of trademarks and other intellectual property rights, BIP partnered with INFOBIZZ for IP IMPACT.

ETT is focused on improving the economic landscape by better supporting the small medium enterprises through capacity building workshops and providing critical information.

Foundation INFOBIZZ has successfully hosted the IP IMPACT and is now diligently working towards the annual international business development experience, DOMINATE 360, which will be held November 2-4, 2017 in St. Maarten.