Volunteer crew members of SNSM rescue couple

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SAINT MARTIN – At 11:15pm on the night of April 10 to 11, five volunteer crew members of the SNSM of Saint Martin dropped the moorings of the Rescue Star to rescue an exhausted couple on a sailboat. The couple’s sailboat had stalled due to engine damage, and was found 10 miles from Dog Island, north of Anguilla.

After 45 minutes of navigation, thanks to the moonlight, a calm sea and a precise GPS position, the volunteers could easily see the sailboat.

Two sail team members were sent to assess the situation. Another problem encountered is whether it would be faster to let the crew members take the helm to reach Saint Martin, or to tow the sailboat with their semi-rig, knowing that its maximum speed was about 4 knots.

The second solution is chosen, and after 3 and a half hours of towing, the couple, who were cold and fatigued, reached safely in the bay of Marigot.