Reggae Lions crowned football champions 2016-2017

Reggae Lions crowned football champions 2016-2017


CAY HILL – The St. Maarten Soccer Association (SMSA) senior football league of the 2016-2017 season came to an end on Sunday, April 2, with Reggae Lions Football Club winning the title of Football Champions of St. Maarten.

The last games of the season were highly anticipated since it was only during these last games that it could have been determined who would be champion of St. Maarten. The battle for first place was between C&D Connection, Flames United and the Reggae Lions. It was a hard fought battle between these three clubs.

The first game was played between Funmakers and FC Soualiga and this game ended up with a tie, with goals scored by Richard Kael (Funmakers) and Jason Lindo (Soualiga). The second game was between Flames United and C&D. The final result was 4-0 and was won by C&D. Goals scored by: Mark Reid, Petrovic Milan and White Natal (2x).

The last game between Reggae Lions and Hotspurs ended with a result of 3-0 with two goals scored by the captain of Reggae Lions, Parker Loxley, and another goal by Stewart Ryan.

President of SMSA Sudesh “Johnny” Singh said, “We are very happy with how the competition turned out this season. After many years of senior league competition being absent in St. Maarten, the new board of SMSA (since 2015) has been able to provide the community of St. Maarten and the participating clubs with a very well organized league. We are forever grateful for the many hours that all the players, coaches, SMSA board and all the volunteers have invested in football to make this competition a success.”

More information about the senior league standings, SMSA and the activities it organizes can be found on the St. Maarten Soccer Association Facebook page.