Police report

Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson

Armed robbery Foo Hoo restaurant

Last night, Thursday April 20th at 9:45 pm an armed robbery took place at The Foo Hoo Restaurant, located on the Front street. The restaurant was robbed by a lone gunman, masked and with a fire arm.

He walked up the stairs and when he entered the establishment he went to the owner of the restaurant and under the threat of the firearm the restaurant owner was obliged to give off an undisclosed amount of money.

After this the culprit left the scene and disappear in an unknown direction.

Stolen container, one man arrested

On Wednesday, April 19 a container was stolen from International Liquor and Tobacco (ILTT) at the Harbor in Pointe Blanche. The container was filled with cigarettes.

Based on an official complaint filed by ILTT at the Police headquarters the investigation was started and resulted in an arrest on Thursday, April 20.

A suspect with the initials D.R. was arrested for theft of the stolen container.

Taxi driver Ill-treated

On Friday, April 21, around 3am the police dispatch sent a patrol to Sonesta Maho where a taxi driver was ill treated by two men.

When the patrol arrived the taxi driver claimed that the men had assaulted her and that she wanted to press charges.

The police immediately arrested the man with initials T.T. A. from the USA. The investigation continues.

Attempted murder suspect arrested

On the April 19, while on regular patrol in St. Peters, police identified suspect L.D.B. from Jamaica who had a warrant for his arrest for attempted murder of his girlfriend.

The man was arrested and brought to the station. The investigation is ongoing.