UPDATE: Multiple gunshots heard in Dominica Drive




Detectives investigate shooting incident.

Detectives are presently investigating an incident of a shooting which took place on Friday April 1`4th at approximately 03.40 a.m. in Dominica Road.  Patrols were sent to the scene where they spoke to the victim with initials D.S.

who stated that he was awaken by several gun shots in the area.

When he went and check what was going on he noticed that an unknown person or persons had fired shots at his vehicle causing damage to the windshield.

He also stated that he has no idea who had caused this damage.

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MADAME ESTATE – On Friday, April 14, in the early morning hours at 2:45am, neighbors and other persons in the vicinity of Dominica Drive located in Madam Estate, the drive next to Van dorp, reported hearing multiple gunshots.

Police have launched an investigation, and a search was done in the early morning hours of Friday.

According to information reaching 721news, no-one was hurt and no-one came to the police station to report on any damage.

Police detectives and Forensics are busy with the investigation.