Minister Boasman: Enjoy holidays in safe and responsible way

Minister of Justice Rafael Boasman


PHILIPSBURG – Minister of Justice Rafael Boasman made brief opening remarks in Wednesday’s, April 12, Council of Ministers Brief Briefing.

“We are steadily approaching the Easter holidays and carnival season. Many of us will be out enjoying ourselves,” he began.

“I would like to remind all of us that we have to do everything in our power to make sure that we enjoy ourselves in a safe and responsible way,” Minister Boasman continued.

“And a special appeal to the parents, please know where your children are. Make sure that should they go out to enjoy any one of these activities, especially if they are minors, that they are accompanied by adults who would be looking after their well-being,” the Minister stressed.

Minister Boasman also stressed following orders issued by police. “The police force is taking all of the necessary precautions, in order to make sure that we are all safe. Should the public be approached by the police and given any kind of instructions as far as the public order is concerned, please respect these instructions, adhere to the police, and let us all treat each other in a decent and respectable manner, and I think we would all be able to look back and say that we had a splendid time during our Carnival,” Minister Boasman stated.

Concerning the other issues his Ministry is dealing with, the Minister reported that, “as far as other information is concerned I have nothing really specific to mention except that the situation at the prison is going pretty good. I’m almost afraid to say that, but things are calm, things are beginning to normalize themselves.”

“We have beefed up the security measures, and we have to realize that many of these things are not visible to the outside public, but hopefully in the next press briefing I’ll be able to be more specific with some of the actions that were taken at the prison,” Minister Boasman concluded.