Letter to the Editor: Our KPSM (Police Force)



We were not prophets, but we saw it coming. From the decision that 10-10-10 the Antilles would be dissolved, we saw the misery, and we saw it right in our own organization, the Police Force.

We saw managers after managers come and go. Waste and drain all the government’s money, without bringing any stabilization or balance in this Force.

Nowadays, we’re coping with a management team that had never been prepared for the task that fell into their lap. No strategy, no preparation, no skills, no priority, no vision. In one word nothing at all, and you can see that, because even their own household is not in order.

For you to be an example for others, you have to set the example.

Not to go into details, but that is our sad present today, and there is no sight in a better future with these incompetents functioning as a management team.

Let we just shine some light what we’re trying to say.

Detective Dept.:
A very good department that since the arrival of the Queen of Bonaire has been broken into pieces because she came with a schedule that some people in that department needed to go in order for it to progress. Now that department can’t even solve a local murder case. They don’t even have a decent detective to type a simple complaint without a bunch of mistakes in it.

Traffic Dept:
Head of department looks like he’s losing it. An accident without injuries, this head instructed his two available rookies not to handle it and let CARS deal with those things. Injuries where you do not see blood. SMH. This head also sits in the management team. Read the beginning again.

Uniform Dept.:
These uniforms do not know anything and we mean nothing. Why? Because first of all, they never finished their studies. They started to work and have seen alone the bad on the street and forget how to do it by the books. They want to solve every situation with force. It doesn’t work that way anymore.

People are getting smarter. Young rookies without experience going out with other rookies and none of them can help each other on the road and on paper. Look who is the head of this Department. Read above. He also forms part of the management team.

Immigration Airport:

Most of them got locked up or lost their jobs. What a cleaning they did. No words if you are corrupted, but start doing it also in the Police Force. From top to bottom are corrupted. No wonder they got rid of Roumou, the reporter. She might have been unstable, but every word from her mouth or letter from her articles were the truth.

Why do you think they closed down the police station in Simpson Bay? Maybe they lied to the Minister that they need to centralize the police. Asked the people. They accused some police from Simpson Bay of taking bribes, and even told them they were on camera. But ask them, why they did not punish them? Because when you check good, they saw that police in the management / CPO team were also receiving bribes from these same business owners. Case dismissed!

What we need?

A person with balls.

A person that is not afraid to take two steps backwards and then make 5 steps forward.

A person that is not afraid to confront wrong doings in his/her organization.

A person that is not afraid to admit in public that he/she were wrong and let us try it this way.

A person who sets priority.

A person that knows the meaning of integrity and transparency.

Signed by a group of Honest Police Officers of KPS (St. Maarten Corps Police Force)