It’s just a smokescreen to cover the real con man



Dear Minister of VROMI,

Employees representing TelEm and GEBE took note of a project to be constructed in Dawn Beach. Nothing wrong with that as the Herald applauded.

The monthly mortgage payments are 1,530 guilders, for a one-bedroom home and 2,070 guilders for a two-bedroom home. This deal is brokered between the Minister and a private land owner. The Minister of Public Housing today is in Curaçao to negotiate financing with the taxpayer’s money on behalf of a private land owner.

The article states that soon the Minister will introduce the private land owner to Vidanova, the pension funds financier. Last week when this project was announced it was intended for civil servants and today it is for everyone? The public is told to contact the Minister of Public Housing’s office for registration and information. This part becomes very interesting. Since when did the Minister of Public Housing become a Real Estate Broker? The man is dangerous.

Because all eyes are on Emil Lee this week and nobody appears to be watching this Minister of Public Housing’s moves, we decided to seek more information. As civil servants, we approached the SMHDF who did not know anything about this project. At the SMHDF main office we saw brochures on display for several housing projects for Saint Martin first-time home buyers.

We also visited APS and saw a demonstration of the Cay Hill housing Complex, for the same civil servants the Minister of Public Housing was first talking about. Is this massive social housing project in Dawn Beach, which is being brokered by the Minister of Public Housing, Mr. Christophe Emmanuel on behalf of a “private land owner” and Vidanova, part of a toxic smoking dump?

Mr. Christophe Emmanuel is a previous Member of Parliament, who started cutting the grass on the Pondfill Road sides only when he became a Minister. In Parliament, he spent his time fiercely criticizing the UP party for corruption instead of cutting the grass on the road sides for his US $10,000 salary. He even had the time to make his own video to prove his point of the living conditions of residents on the same dump.

He had all the solutions in the book. Oh, he forgot to mention the uncontrolled and growing immigrant population on the dump, which not one government official wants to address. But as a man for the people he was “the solution” for all Saint Martin problems, which are all still problems to this day!

Last week he said that the Pondfill fires are older than him and a set UP? What a jokey statement. But let’s go back to this housing project. The Minister’s “sweetheart deal” became very juicy, when we visited the Kadaster. There we learned that the property was in name of Turtle Run Private Fund Foundation, a shield for Marcel Loor, a company with over US $4 million in debt. A debt, which “somebody needs to pay.”

School children, remember Marcel Loor, Former Head of Immigration Marcel Loor, who was convicted on St. Maarten for fraud, forgery, and money laundering? Was convicted to 18 months imprisonment in Paris for drug trafficking. Loor was arrested on July 19, at the Charles de Gaulle Airport (ROISSY) with 1.1 kilograms of cocaine. Loor was immediately arrested when he came off an Air France flight that left St. Maarten on Wednesday, July 18, and landed in Paris on Thursday, July 19, 2013. The disgraced former cop appeared in a criminal court in Paris and was tried as comparution immédiate where he was sentenced immediately to 18 months imprisonment.

Marcel Loor, a former head of immigration of St. Maarten, made headlines in St. Maarten when he was arrested some years ago and was charged with fraud, forgery, and money laundering. Loor was convicted and spent a few years in prison. His assets were seized by the public prosecution during the trial. Some months ago the court ruled that Loor and his long-time partner Charlene Craig have to pay NAf. 900,000 to the justice system. The amounts seized by the prosecution exceed what Loor has to pay. However, it is not clear if that payment was made and how much time the disgraced cop has to comply with the conviction.

Today, as a matter of fact, whilst we speak, all is being done to have another con man represent Marcel Loor, just so the Minister of Public Housing, Mr. Christophe Emmanuel don’t lose credibility “face.”

Minister of Public Housing, Mr. Christophe Emmanuel, why gamble with employees’ pension money, to scam us of our pension? No wonder the pension age is being increased to 65 and with the Minister’s fierce mouth it might go up to 70 years. An age when no one can enjoy what they worked so hard for because we will be gassed by the toxic dump. Since when did the GEBE and TelEm workers give permission to Vidanova to provide mortgages to con artists? Since when is a Minister in competition with established entities like APS and the SMHDF? Is it because he cannot put his corrupt hands in their cookie jar, so all need to be fired and run the Foundations bankrupt?

What degrees does the Minister of VROMI, Mr. Christophe Emmanuel, have? It appears that if he does not like you, he just throws you under the bus. Look what he is doing with our own Ronny Busby of Limelight Media, who for years owns the bus stop shelters. Mr. Busby is an honest, well-educated local man, “born here,” so the Minister will bring in an outside company to build 60 shelters with another “local” front man, or should I say con man. Is it payback time for Mr. Busby’s well formulated and educated commentaries during election time on his Radio Station against the NA? So, run we own bankrupt?

GEBE cannot get the parking lots transferred in ownership, for their solar panel investment project, so the bus stop conman will do the trick and name them after St. Maarten icons? Is it because he again cannot put his corrupt hands in their cookie jar, so all need to be fired and run GEBE bankrupt?

If you think Emil Lee’s deals were bad, this Minister of VROMI, will be the final nail on our coffin. Emil Lee is just a smoke screen to cover the real con man!

Let’s be honest, how many Saint Martiners, can afford a home in Dawn Beach with toxic mortgage payments? People start to mobilize, let the Minister leave our pension monies alone and stop fooling the people. Vidanova’s money is not your call to finance projects for a “specific private land owner.” Why not give all Saint Martin landowners the same privilege? Why not help all landowners solve the succession, division of land issues, so they do not need to purchase homes? But build on their own properties. Help your own to progress for once man.

You said that you were for the people, but what we see is another corrupt Government Official in the making breathing heavy, with his hands in a cookie jar, who is sweating where to hide corrupt monies in Curaçao Trust Companies.

Deeply concerned Vidanova pension fund contributors!