Dutch Travel Agents and Tour Operators participation in Jouvert

Dutch travel agents and tour operators enjoying Jouvert Jump Up. 


PHILIPSBURG – In what can only be described as a “once in a lifetime” experience,  the group of Dutch tour operators and travel agents visiting Sint Maarten for the first time on a Carnival Fam Trip, have had their very first taste of Sint Maarten’s Jouvert.

Outfitted with Splash kits provided by promoter S.E.L. Maduro & Duncan van Heyningen’s Nothing but Alcohol (NBA), the group jammed to their hearts’ content, revelled in the colourful early morning spectacle that is the Round the Pond Jouvert Jump Up, held their own water wars and syrup flying games and generally had, in one of their own words, “the best time of our lives”.

The aim of this Carnival Fam Trip, explained organisers Marlon Beauperthuy and Suzette Moses-Burton, was to provide a unique opportunity to the tour operators for exposure to St. Maarten’s premiere cultural festival, with the goal of ensuring that they better appreciate all that destination St. Maarten has to offer their clients.

The one week Fam Trip will primarily showcase St. Maarten’s annual Carnival extravaganza with nights at the village and prime viewing of the Grand Parade but also participation in the Jouvert Jump Up.

The Jouvert Jump Up was preceded by an island tour, which included a sneak preview of the Rain Forest Adventure. In the days to come there will be tours of Port St. Maarten and the SXM Airport as well as day trips to Statia and Saba and visits to two of the island’s mas camps, for a behind the scenes look at what goes into the making of the mas.

The travel agents and tour operators are having a grand time with lasting memories of Sint Maarten which will be guaranteed after this travel experience.